Introduction to the new Contacts app

Hi guys, we finally released the new Contacts app that supports Google and Outlook contact sync. I'm here to show you all the cool feature that we have added. Let's take a look at the new layout of the Contacts app. Normally the contacts app will have 3 columns as shown in the image below.


The left column is the groups and accounts column, this is where you can see all the accounts that you have added and all the groups that you have created. To learn more about the groups and accounts column please click here.

The Middle column is where your contact list will be shown. Select a group on the left and the content of that group will be shown in the middle column. To learn more about the contact list column, please click here.

The right column has all the details of the selected contact in the middle column. This is where you get to enter the contact name, phone number, email address, etc. To learn more about the contact details column please click here.

In order to not confuse you with a lot of information at once I'm gonna list all the topic that is relevant to the new Contacts app below, please follow the link that you are interested to learn more.

- Adding a contact account

- Groups and Account column

- Contact List column

- Contact Detail column

- Importing and Exporting a contact group and individual contact

- Merging a contact

- Linking a contact

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