Understanding Contact List column

Let's get to know the Contact List column, as you can see below this is the middle column of your contacts app.



As the name implies, the Contact List column mainly consists of your contact list. It also has a few buttons that have important functions. Here's a break down of the Contact List column.


1. This is the name of the group that you are currently selecting. The contact list that is displayed (number 5) depends on the group that you select. If you click on this name, you can see a list of your groups which you can use to jump to any particular group you wish to select. Very handy when you deactivate the Group and Account column. Otherwise you can just choose the group that you want to see from it.

2. Button 2 is used to add a contact to the group that you are currently selecting. If you are currently choosing the all contacts group, the contact will be added to your Mailbird (default) contacts account. You can either add a new contact or choose from the list of contact that you have.

3. This is the settings button for the Contacts app. In here you can add a contact's account; refresh your Contact app; email, edit or export the group that you are currently selecting; change the sort and display order; disable the Groups and Contacts column; find and merge duplicate accounts; and import contacts from a vcard.

4. You can use this search box to search for a contact from the group that you are currently selecting.

5. The last one is the contact list itself.


When you right click on a contact, you will get the context menu below. They are self explanatory except for the "Groups..." setting. In this setting you can copy or remove the selected contact to/from any group that you want.



That is all the info on the Contact List column. Click here to learn about the Contact Details column or you can click here to get back to the Contact app introduction page. If you have any further inquiries regarding this topic please email us at support@getmailbird.com

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