Understanding Contact Details column

One of the most important things in the Contact app is of course the actual contact details. The details consist of their name, avatar, title, job, company, email, phone number address and even a custom field that you can add for yourself. As you can see below, contact details can be seen in the Contact Detail column.



And here are a break down of the Contact Detail column, there are quite a lot of them, so bear with me for a bit :)


1. Number one will only appear if the contact that you are currently selecting belong to more than one group (linked). By clicking this button you can choose which account do you want to see/edit, account from group a, b, etc. If you select the unified contact, you will see the combined information from all the group that the account currently belong. Editing in the unified account will also affect all instances of this account.

2. The Edit options button allows you to edit all details regarding this contact. Do note that there is a "show all fields" button at the bottom left of the edit window. The Options button has two things to note. One is the link and merge options. Link basically means that you are connecting two accounts or more, while merge means that you are combining two or more accounts. You can find out more about this here and here.



3. The contact name, title, company, avatar, nickname, etc is shown in here

4. These are all the groups that the contact currently belongs to. By clicking the + button you can add/copy this contact to a new group. You can remove this contact from a group by hovering to any of the group and press the X button located in the top right. Adding a contact to any group automatically links both contacts.

5. This part contains more detail about the contact, such as address, email, phone number, website, etc.


That is all the info that regarding the Groups and Account column. Now that you know about all three column of the Contact app I suggest you click here to learn about how to add a contact's account. There's also three more "advanced" features to discover, like link, merge and import/export. Finally, you can click here to get back to the Contact app introduction page. If you have any further inquiries regarding this topic please email us at support@getmailbird.com

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