Un-do send feature in Mailbird

Changed your mind? Not a problem. You can cancel sending an email in Mailbird.

Simply go to

Menu -> Settings -> Composing

And set the Un-do send period of time.


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    Enid Newberg

    THIS DOESN"T WORK!  I have tried again and again to undo send within the 30 seconds. And never once have I been successful. It is hard to find where to undo, it is far too short to figure out where the heck the undo is located. The file that is sending itself merrily along in the "drafts" area has no clear option to undo the send. 

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make it longer - 1 to 5 minutes at least! Or make the button to UNDO EASILY VISIBLE!

    I really want to cut the cord with Outlook but this feature prevents me from doing so. 


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