Searching Email From Certain User

Clicking on the profile picture of a sender quickly brings up all the email you've ever exchanged with them.

Perfect for referencing that last conversation or checking out your history with them.


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    Justin Poovey

    Additionally, if there is a specific topic / keyword used in previous emails to another address (or domain), you can also enter that into the search box to find ONLY those emails...

    Really like the product! Keep it up!

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    For me this also brings up any other email they've ever been addressed on with me, since it just searches globally for their email and not just "from" their email.  As a result I don't just see only emails from them, but everyone.  Of the first 50 emails as a result, only 3 were actually directly from or to that individual.  All the others were where we were both joint recipients.  Utterly useless as a search tool.  Same with just typing in their name.

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    Is there a way of searching for an email from a specific person if you don't have any others from them to click on?

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