Quick Reply Feature

The quick reply feature lets you reply to an email in the same window that you’re reading it in.

This saves you the few seconds it takes to open up a reply window.

“A few seconds, so what?” I hear you say. Those seconds add up to hours after replying to a few thousand emails every year, and the instantaneous reply ability makes sure you don’t lose any inspired reply ideas while waiting for the new window to load.

It’s super easy to use. Just hit “r”or “a” on your keyboard or the little reply button on the top right corner of the email you want to quick reply to.



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    Steve Deardorff

    So this feature is awesome and all, but how do I get it to NOT archive my email every time? Usually if I'm in an email conversation with someone, I'm not done with it. Can't find anywhere to turn archiving off. Help?

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