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    Rachel Humphrey

    I find the delete process very difficult. I go to an email, I click on search to find multi. from that sender. When I get the list I high light them all and have tried several different ways. I have tied just hitting "delete" and I have tried right clicking and choosing delete, trash or delete permanent.  In all situations one of several things happens. Either it deletes them (this happens seldom) or it does nothing.. sometimes it randomly removes the the second column and lightens the words on the rest of each email. NEVER have I had it just delete all the email I have chosen.. weather it's ONE email or a group. Most of the time it leaves a bunch written lightly but when I search I find them... 

    Why is this? When I delete I want them deleted.... not archived not written in lighter color. Frustrating...

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    Ryan Hunt

    One of the best features about is the sweep function. It allows you to select all emails from an address and either archive or delete them. This would be a great addition to mailbird since it makes getting to inbox zero very easy.

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    Ernest Nappi

    How the hell do I delete 1190 emails in my spam folder all at once?

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    Bagik Setiawan

    @Ernest Nappi: Select your trash or spam folder, click the triangle icon at the top right of Mailbird window then choose empty folder. I hope it helps :)

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    I have a weird bug with deleting mails since half februari (after the update, the update before the last one), never had this before and i use mailbird over a year now.

    If I press the down-arrow on my keyboard after deleting a mail (with the "delete"button on my keyboard)  the program freezes. Most of the time I need to restart mailbird, but sometimes after a long wait the bottom mail (of all my mails) is selected.

    Is there anyway to fix this?

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    Leonardo Santoso

    Hi Toco


    We are currently fixing this issue, it should be fix on the latest update.

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    Great, thanks :)

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    Carnufex G

    How do I delete all emails  in my junk  folder? The only item in the drop-down is "mark all as read". I've have the option to delete all in other folders... is the junk folder special?

    edit: I tried to 'ctrl-a' and select 'shift' to delete all and it only deletes the items in the preview pane.

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    Charlie Messing

    Jesus is that weird - I have a thousand junk emails to delete.  You're telling us there is no way to do that?  And I can't find my imported folder either - "No conversations" it says.  It's a bunch of letters, it's not a conversation.  If you do not have a delete all method, I'm getting another mail program.  Thanks for your response.

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    What response? Where is the support?

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    Dasha Zolotko

    Hello @Charlie!

    Please submit a request to and we'll get back to you asap!

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    Lee Bishop

    @Bagik Setiawan, when you empty the spam folder by clicking the triangle icon then selecting empty folder does it delete the spam emails from you email server or do you still have to log into the email server to delete them?.  I know that if I highlight the spam and right click I can delete them that way, and I think that it deletes them from the server, but don't quote me on that.

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    Vinay Singh

    Yes I cant select all emails from Trash to delete only the ones on the screen. Also, cant arrange the emails by sender. Would help mailbird !!

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    I sometimes lose track of deleting the contents of the Trash folder. (the best option is to remove them regularly so that the problem never reaches 1000+ entries). To continue, I open the Trash folder, select the first record, move down the list until I get to the end, use the shift/select option common in a very large number of word processing etc. apps and then simply hit the delete key.

    My experience is that this has never yet failed to remove all the selected entries. I've been using Mailbird for, I think, around 3 years.

    I assume that all of the references to "junk" emails etc. above refer to what Mailbird calls "Trash" so if you use "Junk" please bear with me;


    New today is a serious improvement on this. To select all the contents of a folder (in this case we are talking about the Trash folder)

    1) go to the first item

    2) click control/shift/end to select all the contents of the folder

    3) now click delete (or indeed whatever action you want to apply)

    The result is an empty trash folder

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    Joker Wang

    I kept Mailbird opened for serveral days and I got a warning e-mail about out of memory space.


    It seems e-mails won't be deleted from remote server even deleted from trash box until Mailbird is stopped or restarted.

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    Rafal L


    Please can You add delete all to no-junkmail and no-trash folders? My provider gives them different name and my trash is considered by birdmail as any other folder

    I have a 1k+ emails and this is reall pain to remove them by 47(maximum on one side)



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