Marking All Messages As Read Easily

We’ve added a super handy button to the Mailbird interface since bringing POP3 support into the picture.

What is awesome is that now you can manage even more email accounts from one place in Mailbird. When you first sync a POP3 email account with Mailbird, all your emails will populate your inbox for that account. Most likely, you’ve already read those newly downloaded POP3 emails and you just need to clean the old batch of emails from your inbox.

You can now mark all of those emails as “read” in one go, and start with a fresh clean slate with your newly added POP3 accounts in Mailbird.


Alternately, that same “Mark all as read button” unlocks an “Empty folder” option when you are in your Spam or Trash folders.

Before you could still accomplish deleting all Spam and Trash emails by using Ctrl or Shift to multi-select emails and moving to Trash or Spam. Now, it’s just a little easier.



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    Thomas Nielsen |

    This is great! And can we please get a keyboard shortcut for selecting all? Maybe it's just us moving on from outlook used to have the ctrl-a + q for select all, mark as read on the backhand who feel the pain a bit but especially usefull for folders like spam and trash, clicking on the folder with one hand, fireing the keyboard shorthand with the other, clicking on the next ... no biggie but still better with a keyboard shortcut and ideally one that can be operated with the left hand imo :)

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