Quick Preview Attachment




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    Michael Childers

    how to enable would be nice info if you going tell that it has it, unless you say how to enable then its useless


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    Armin von Werner

    No need to enable it - it's there. Just click on the attachment with your right-mouse and you will see a preview option. This way you can start preview with the mouse. In this menu you also see ("SPACE") indicating the keyboard shortcut.


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    Are there any known bugs currently affecting this feature? I am rarely able to get it to work more than once per app session. That is, after closing an image preview, I am unable to re-open another image preview until I exit and restart Mailbird. This is going to be a major usability problem if there's no fix or workaround. (I am using the most recent Mailbird version, downloaded today, running in Windows 10 Home edition)

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