Problem with text display: it looks blurry or pixelated

Sometimes the combination of a high resolution screen and an incompatible graphic card driver can make Mailbird text seems a little bit pixelated.



To fix this issue, you can either update your graphic card driver, or check "force software rendering" located in Mailbird advanced options. You can do this by going to the Mailbird menu in the top left corner of the app > Settings > Advanced tab and check "Force Software Rendering" box.




If you experience a subtle blurring of all text in message bodies and apps, try disabling DirectWrite, located on the same advanced tab.


Note that this solution will also solved most issue that is connected with how Mailbird render your emails but it will increase CPU usage for Mailbird. In rare cases, with low-end graphic cards, it may however improve performance.



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    Tommy Manzer


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    Jonathan Mitchem

    I updated my graphics drivers to see if it would help, but no luck.  The "Force Software Rendering" option works well for everything that's native to the application (i.e., the actual mail functionality).  Unfortunately, it does not help with any of the integrated apps such as the Google Calendar or Feedback, which still show up very blurry.

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