Problem installing or setting up

Here are some solutions if you ran into any problems installing or setting up Mailbird.


1) Installation Guide

An easy step-by-step walk-through on how to install Mailbird is available right here.


2) Installer Simply Not Working?

Try it with this Installer. That should fix it.


3) You’ve got 2-Step Verification

If you’ve configured your email to have 2-Step Verification, you can create an Application Specific Password for Mailbird here.


4) Are You Installing Through A Proxy?

You can set up Mailbird on a Proxy server by following these steps.


5) Are You Installing Through A Firewall?

To install with a firewall, you can change your firewall settings to allow the Mailbird installer, or temporarily disable your firewall while Mailbird installs. 


6) Did none of these fix it? Talk to your very own Mailbird-problem-killing-ninja, Leo.

You can reach him at

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    I want to uninstall Mailbird completely. I didn't install it, and it keeps popping up on my screen. How do I deleted it?

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    Donald Biddix

    New password ??????

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    Leonardo Santoso

    @Donald: we do not store your password, hence we can't give or change your password..

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    Bruno Fonseca


    I would like to know if it is possible to change the location of the mailbird db (usually: C:\Users\useraccount\AppData\Local\Mailbird)?



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    Leonardo Santoso

    Hi Bruno


    It's not possible to do this, but if you want to save space you can use symbolic link for it. You can read more about this in here




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