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    In Windows 8.1, I've not been able to multi-select in any form.

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    Harry Elder

    this is no help at all Ehh.....


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    Walter Dean Bowser

    Multi-select does not work in Windows 8.1. What are you doing about it? This was first reported in July 2015. Are you going to support your product or not? A simple reply indicating what you are doing will allow your users to either wait until it gets fixed or move on to another email client.

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    Pavel Smirnov

    Where can I see the total number (count) of selected mails?

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    Point 6 (Move several emails to a folder at once) is impossible to do from the search folder. I have just set up Mailbird like a week or 2 ago. A LOT of emails have been imported into the account and they are all sitting in my Inbox. I like my Inbox empty and therefore am trying to bulk-move them all to their respective folders. The ideal way of doing that is searching per sender, and then moving all of the emails of that one sender at once. When I multi-select the emails from the Search folder and drag them over to the respective folder nothing happens. Please help!

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    Alberto L

    Multiple select is good for 1 mail at a time, but If I am going to be deleting/moving/storing many messages, when I select the second email, a blank window appears and does not display the 2nd selected message, without being able to see the message I've just selected how can one be SURE, 100% that one has selected the correct message.

    It's like working with a file manager and one is selecting images to delete, every time I select a file name, I can preview that image, with it selected, I can click on another image and preview it, i can then either not select it or select it and keep selecting images VIEWING them first.

    Please correct this issue, this feature has been available to many e-mail clients and once you are used to this useful feature not having it, the email client becomes useless since you are not assured which emails are selected, unless you go the slow route and pick and delete/move 1 message at a time. Outlook and other clients work this way, NOT ALL do, many have this very useful feature and allow you to preview the next selected message as you select them, PLEASE look into adding this useful feature and make Mailbird an client efficient email client to work with. 


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    I have also tried this, and what I have found with multi-select, the 1st email will make it into the folder by dragging or right-click.  The remainder of the emails selected (regardless of amount) stay in the folder you are moving them from.  This is the case for either search box or inbox selected items.  They have to be moved individually.

    When I installed MB and did an import from outlook into MB, it brought over all the folders...including the inbox, deleted, sent and junk, so there were in effect 2 inboxes.

    I had to take all the imported email and drag it into the MB inbox. I was not able to grab all 1069 emails, I had to do them in batches of 100.  So the multiple select feature which is a standard feature in any OS has bugs in this program that have yet to be addressed.


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    Alberto L

    I'm Alberto, a couple of posts above, on November 04, 2016 01:39 I made that post, inquiring if this feature which is found in most mail programs, is going to ever be implemented?

    Any updates on this?

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    Abdul K S Dhamma



    When having multiple email accounts in the Mailbird, I am unable to move messages from one email account folder, to a different email account folder, within the programme.



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    Mallory Danielson

    ctrl-a only selects the messages in the visible screen, not in the whole folder. I just got started so I have thousands of emails I need to organize into folders. Is there not a way to truly "select-all" ?

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    Lai Zit Seng

    I'm hoping to be able to use keyboard shortcuts to multi-select, e.g. using the 'x' key like in Gmail. Possible to include this feature? Thanks. :)

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    Does not work for me in Windows 10. I can select a bunch, but can't delete them in mass.

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    Dennis Morrison

    I want to batch select all the emails I want to delete. I don't want to have to select each one of 100 or 1000 emails to delete. I want to select the first one and scroll down all the ones I want to delete. 

    I like Mailbird, but without this feature, I'm going to look elsewhere for my email server!  It's to bad, I like all the features you have, why can't your Big Brains of his outfit figure out this one simple problem and FIX IT!

    I have windows 10 also. 

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    Regis Jacobsen

    Move several emails to a folder at once from the search folder. I have a lot of emails in my Inbox and I am trying to bulk-move them all to their respective folders. The ideal way of doing that is searching per sender, subject or any reference good for me and then moving all of the selected emails at once. When I multi-select the emails from the Search folder and drag them over to the respective folder nothing happens and no option about moving to folder appears. Please reply!

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