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    Is there any way to reverse the order of the conversation view? I would like at see the older emails on top. Like in Gmail.

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    Kathy Do

    I would like to do what Ryan is asking for. 

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    Brandon Rice

    Me three!

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    Bagik Setiawan

    Hey guys,

    Regarding your feedback, although we can't implement it right away, I have gone ahead and shared it with our product and development team for further consideration. 

    If you wouldn't mind, could you please submit it here:

    This allows us to organize new features and prioritize them based on those that are requested the most. Thanks for supporting Mailbird! :)

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    Rishabh kumar Mittal

    is there any option like conversation in wlm

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    saurabh Jakhete

    need tab of unread email, instead of top on converstion, so we can check as per our convenient

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    Agree with Saurabh.  It is a rather long work around to have to go into settings to get the unread emails to the top, given there appears to be no other way to list all unread emails when I want to!

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    Siegfried Wenus

    This helps a little. But after having answered an email I end up far below at the read emails. Then I have to scroll up to the unread emails. This makes my workflow awkward. 

    I do not have time to read my emails every day. So after a few days, there are a lot of unread emails waiting for me. I would start with the oldest emails, except for some really old emails which I keep unread to answer when I have more time.  In mail/Mac There is a folder for just unread emails which is very useful. Is there anything similar in mailbird?

    Sorry, I just converted back from Mac to Windows.

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    Bagik Setiawan

    Hi Siegfried, thanks for using Mailbird. I'm afraid this feature not yet available in Mailbird. Would you mind send a feature request to Thank you and have a nice day. :)

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