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    LamprΞd-j -.¸¸.·´¯

    I'm french and I am using Mailbird with french as default language.

    My problem was :  when I was writing email, all my words was underlined in red ( the spellchecker was configured as default, in english)

    I need to search (and find) this post to understand why.

    => Why the SpellChecker is not automatically linked to the default language? Perhaps an improvement ?


    Thanks a lot for this software !

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    Arsenio Nava

    I Have same problem with Spanish. Not working. 

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    LamprΞd-j -.¸¸.·´¯

    Note : SpellChecker is working for me, he was just configured to english

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    Mitja Bezenšek

    It would be great if restart was not needed in order to change the language.

    I use English as well as Slovenian (my first language). I now have to restart mailbird every time I send an email in a language that is not currently selected. This means a few restarts every day (or just not using the spell checker in one of the languages, which is what I'm doing).

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    Leonardo Santoso

    Hi Guys


    Thank you for your suggestion, we are going to make it so you don't have to restart to change the spell checker language in future update.

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    Mie Glud Pedersen

    I´ve been using Mailbird for about a week and I´m very happy using it :)

    There´s a problem with the spell checker in the Danish version - the spell checker doesn´t seem to work to check the words at all. can write all sorts of strange and none existing words and it doesn´t notice it with the red mark.

    All the best


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    Dirk Detmar

    Many years ago I already used Eudora (the best E-mail client then) followed by Mozilla's Firebird which gave me much satisfaction.

    Even in the old days it wasn't necessary to restart the application when I changed the language.

    Even so with modern applications p.e. modern Internet Browsers and MS Office.



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    Gwydion Davies

    Would be good to have a Welsh spell check. 

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    Pedro Molina

    When would you be planning on having a multiple language spell checker without the need of restarting the software? 

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    In order to disable spell check I had to reboot the computer, not only restart Mailbird.

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    Diogo Osório

    +1 for the ability to change the spelling language without having to restart the application.

    For people like myself who have a native language other than English its an huge deal breaker to have to restart the application every time that I have to write something in a different language.

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    MJ Regimbald

    No matter what I do my spell checkers does not work! in any language, as I type etc. I don't want to have to re-install Mailbird, any ideas?


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    Lucas Zapparoli Claro

    How can I disable spell checker?

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    Alan Pickering

    The biggest problem. for me and probably the majority of UK citizens, is the fact that you call your default language 'English' It isn't it is an American version! Where is the true English version?

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    Alain Azzam

    +10 if you can implement this feature:

    - spellcheck automatically recognizes which language is used when an email is composed 
    - to make it easier on the program, user could identify the preferred languages

    You can do it. This is 2017 :)


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    Eric Feurich

    What Akaib Azzam says and the option to add words to the spelling checker that are not in the dictionary. Like in dutch geinteresseerd needs to be geïnteresseerd.




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    Jason Morales

    Wow, some of the suggestions on these comments are from 3 years ago and still no update on the part of Mailbird. One of the reasons I still use gmail and even Windows Mail app is the ease of use of spellcheckers on those systems. Please upgrade now, It's 2018 for Pete's sake! 

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    Andy Martin

    Just started using Mailbird having come from eMClient, which has become quite buggy over the past few years.  So far I have been quite pleased with Mailbird, BUT found that the lack of an option to add words to the spellchecker is a big negative.  I need this option on a regular basis, so please Mailbird give us this option.  As a previous contributor said this has been available for years in most email clients.    

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    Please allow us to choose our preferred language(s). I have to scroll through the whole list to swap between two. Thanks!

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    How do I get the spell checker to work?

    When I press on T nothing happens.

    Very disappointing. Everything else i really like but this is so basic and my spelling is not good at the best of times!

    Will have to move back to EM Client soon if this doesn't work out.


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    Is it just me? - I do not get the pop-up window as shown in the original post.

    I click on the ENG in lower right corner but nothing happens.

    Yes I can switch the language of the whole application - but that is not what I want to do.

    I want to be able to check the spelling in the email I am writing against a couple of languages.

    Hope its just a config issue!

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    Mr.P.K -dash-


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