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    Francisca Aguirre

    Hello, I have a problem. First, I not have access to "About Mailbird" option. I see options otherwise ( file adjunct). I need help please. Thanks

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    Leonardo Santoso

    Hi Francisca


    This KB is for Mailbird 2.0. Once you updated to Mailbird 2.0, you will see the same interface as in the KB. We are planning to release Mailbird 2.0 on the 12th of March.

    In the mean time, if you are having issue with activating your Pro account, please email us at

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    I never got the email and I have now paid for this software twice.  My email accounts are hidden, and I am going on vacation tomorrow.  Help, how do I activate my mailbirdpro?  I never got any email from them with any license key.

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    My account got deactivated. says license key expired..I have recently extended the subscription for 1 year.

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    Roberto Camargo

    My account got deactivated too, says license key expired... what can i do to receive another one or fix the current one.


    Thanks in advance

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    Mike Rehmeyer

    I have an identical problem as dtouch:

    My account got deactivated. says license key expired..I have recently extended the subscription for 1 year.

    April 26, 2015, 02:42

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    Andrey T

    same here with "expired" license...what's up guys ? I use it for work email, very close to giving up and go back to postbox.

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    Same problem here.

    Just purchased a yearly subscription on Apr 4 and get license key expired this.


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    No fix for the expired license? I bought a yearly license in January, and yet I'm being told my license has expired. Any solutions?

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    Hey there,

    Some major issue, suddnely MailBird has stopped working.

    And now is showing this error message:

    Expired LIcense -?


    Could you help like ASAP?

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    For me a similar problem: I re-installed my laptop, and now I'm getting also the "expired key" message, although the key is still valid till January 2016!

    Please help a.s.a.p.

    Greetings from Hungary.

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    Michał Trojszczak

    Same problem here. My license auto-renewed in January, it's valid until 01.2016 and yrt - I got the "license expired" message :/

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    Tamas Perlaki

    I have the same problem.......

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    Kudrin Roman

    The same for me and what is the the new price for the licence we already bought the licence for 7.20$ and now it something like 11$


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    License has expired? 10 days is not even over! 

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    Alex Vornicu

    So, that is not in my case - expiration of a license.

    Hope to solve it on Monday.

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    Same here, license expired after already renewing. Any updates?

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    Martin Innes

    Same here - Switched on the machine this Sunday morning here in the UK - and license expired - but my purchase receipt shoes an expiration date of October 2015. Mailbird had now dropped back to the Lite version - and It looks as if I am going to find an alternative program. I cant afford to have this problem.

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    Stephanie Porter

    Me too. Expired license.  Happened suddenly today. Not sure why.

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    Christine Wegerle

    Same here

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    Same problem here. Please solve this.

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    Daniel Marklund

    Same here! Did this affect everyone?

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    Same here:(

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    Karen Norris

    Same as above.  License renewed in March. Major problem.

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    Jason Gagne (Nerkzor)

    It seems like it's affecting everyone. I bought lifetime a couple years ago before 2.0 and I'm also getting the license renewal message. I really hope they fix this soon!

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    Marcy Nelson

    Same here paid in March 2015 now saying license is expired.  Major Issue Please Fix ASAP!!!!!!!

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    Michael Lemus

    I am having the same issue and I purchased my license in January 2015. Major issue!

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    Here also, my account got deactivated.

    Renewed in march.

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    I placed a ticket, but yeah,    My serial number is now no good.   

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    Even if trying to buy a new subscription it doesn't work!

    Have you guys ever tested your checkout?

    After logging in to my Paypal, accepting that paypal can pay fastspring - it returns to the above page with an over view and complete order button - 

    but the button does nothing except refresh the page

    So now no valid sub AND no possibilty to buy even a second one -- come on...  


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