Issues sending email from Google Apps/Suite domain alias



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    Need some help with this.

    I followed the full setup according to this guide. Setup is fine, but when I try sending a test message from Mailbird, it errors out and gives me a "Try checking your From address" error message. See attached image:

    I've followed everything to a t:

    1. Setup primary domain in G Suite
    2. Added another domain as an alias
    3. Added the primary domain/account in Mailbird as an "account"
    4. Added the alias domain email address as an "identity" in Mailbird

    I've tested it, and it works flawlessly in Gmail - both sending and receiving to the alias email address (sending/to from a non G Suite email address just to make sure).

    However, when I try sending/receiving from within Mailbird, it gives the error above.

    Any help would be much appreciated. I'm a Mailbird Pro user


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