Checking for new Email

Mailbird uses Push technology for your inbox. What this mean is that when a new email is received by your email server, Mailbird inbox will automatically update itself and the email will also be visible in Mailbird (give or take a few second delay). This make sure that you will get your message immediately. But what about the other folder beside Inbox? For all other folders, Mailbird will refresh them every 5 minute.


If for some reason there's an error, you can also refresh your Inbox and other folder manually from Mailbird. There are 2 ways to do this.


- Press f5 in your keyboard


- Click on any folder that you want to refresh


You'll see this blue bar at the top of the email list pane, indicating that Mailbird is refreshing the viewed folder



If for some reason you can't see the blue bar, this is usually because it take so fast to refresh your server that Mailbird does not display the blue bar. I hope this help, please contact us at support@getmailbird if you have any issue with receiving new emails.


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