How to Import Account and Email to Mailbird




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    Hi! How can I export my mail from Mailbird to another mail client?

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    Hantz Tremblay

    It has a hard time connecting to office365 accounts.

    Took me 15 minutes to connect.

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    Russ Kelly

    The drop down box for server type does not exist for me.  I get one choice - IMAP.

    Everything keeps saying "won't work if you already imported an account".  Of course I did, that is intuitive and typically the first thing people will do, before they can find out if there is a problem.
    WHAT can I/should I do if I already imported an account?  Can I simply delete it?  Uninstall Mailbird?  Should Mailbird be installed on the old computer (if it is functional) first?  I am trying to do all of this on a new PC.
    Windows Live Mail - will only export to Windows Live Mail type.  It fails when I try the only other option - export to Exchange.  So its WLM or bust.
    This is the only program that looks/behaves similar from what I can tell.  This is for a business computer, with old school clients (my parents) and this just isn't working out.
    Synced easily enough - All contacts were imported, and email FUNCTIONS.  BUT, without being able to import the (thousands) of old emails...............
    1 of 13 people found this article helpful.  Kind of a trend I am seeing.  I appreciate the ultra fast responses we have been getting through help and email, but none of them have been actual solutions..... 

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