Can I use my Pro license key for more than one computer?




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    Jeff Mac

    Very nice to have this option. It's a hard thing to find these days. Thank you.

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    Hi. Does this mean I cant put Mailbird on my wifes PC for her to use?

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    Buy her a second license and you're good to go. ;)

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    Марианна Алпатова

    I'm not sure that it is true!
    I have a lifetime license, the first PC was OK, the second PC was OK, but my notebook told be to go away (your license key was deactivated by administrator). WAT? 

    UPD. My next attempt seems to be fine.. but I feel worried a little bit now. 

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    Chris Qie

    @Марианна Алпатова

    Tha'ts what I am afraid, I do care about that, I have 2 PCs and 1 notebook, and My country block Gmail ,I have to use VPN to mailbird, I wonder if mailbird will deactivated my license because of VPN or different device after I buy.

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    Adam M

    Thank you for this! I can use MailBird on my work and home computer.

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    Scott Zimmerman

    so i did my research to see if i could use this on more than one device  and based off this page i made the life pro purchase  , after the purchase i get this "Important:Your license key is unique for you and can be used on 1 computer" 


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    I use mailbird on two computers - desktop and a laptop. Haven't had any issues. Just do not share it with others to use with different mail adresses than your own - then you might hit a problem with mailbird seeing it as sharing your key with someone else.

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    Pis Isler

    As a programmer, I appreciate the way Mailbird team works; both in terms of the nice piece of software you do and both this attitude. Thank you people. This is the first software I am paying for.

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    Nuttapong Sarkana

    thank you very much.

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    a.g. Hagenaars

    Vandaag Mailbird Pro gekocht. Het overzetten van de outlook en gmail gegevens plus adressen-bestand werkt prima. Ik ga Mailbird op mijn computer en laptop gebruiken.

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    Michał K


    I recently bought personal license for mailbird and I activated it on my home PC and planned to activate it also on my work PC, but i noticed in email there is a warning that i can only activate it on one device. Is it ok to activate it on my work PC if I am the only person that is going to use the license?

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    RJ M

    Thanks for the clarification.
    I will use it on 2 personal devices.
    After buying i get the Thanks for purchasing e-mail with:
    Important: This license key is limited to the usage by 1 device.

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    So... I bought the Business version, an expensive licence, and I can't even install it on 2 of my computers ? I'm really disappointed about this software :/ !

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