Error when trying to import an email account




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    Вот это предупреждение: - Mailbird имеет полный импорт из Thunderbird, Outlook и Windows Live Mail.
    нужно писать в процессе установки, когда предлагаете сделать импорт учетных данных. А то выглядит что программа ваша не работает.

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    I have also found this topic to be absolutely unhelpful. Outlook profiles are not themselves stored in the <user>/AppData folders. If they are, what is the file profile's name? What is stored in the default location is the default mail file. Copying an Outlook mail file from somewhere else does not work.

    They are stored in the registry - which Mailbird can easily find out if it were coded to look there. Without a working import feature, Mailbird is 100% useless for me - which I am forced to pay for the pro license to find out.

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    Russ Kelly

    What about Windows Live Mail????
    I do not have a AppData folder in that location?

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