oAuth Support in Mailbird




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    Doesn't work proper, every day i get "server authentication failed". Opening setting and continue fixes this, but that's not how it should work. putting it back to username and password is the only way to make work proper again.

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    Glenna Blomquist

    I have the same problem - have to reset daily.

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    Scott Anstey

    I have also been receiving the "Server authentication failed" notifications for my Google accounts for the past couple of weeks now though no action is required on my part - email still syncs normally.

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    Christian Viel

    This post is perfect for Gmail accounts.

    I set up my 2 Gmail mailbox with Google OAuth 2.0 while the way 'Username & Password' did not work.

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    University (Gsuite) accounts seem to not be recognized as Gmail and hence are not able to use oAuth 2.0. 

    Very frustrating.

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