How to find my Mailbird Pro License Key




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    When I enter my email address, the message "Can't connect to the server, please retry after some time or contact our support." is displayed. What's wrong?

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    Alvar Koski

    Mailbird was great until I purchased "pro" now email's I send crash and mailbird does not respond I have to re start the program.

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    Yes when I put my Lic nbr in I lost all my contacts and could never get them back to this day I have no contacts in the folder, now I am afraid  to enter my Lic number 

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    Dave Nowakowski

    OK, but how do i cancel my license?

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    I am unable to use mailbird now the pro lic. lite has run out even though I purchased the pro

    How is this to be fixed quickly not in 1 or 2 weeks???????



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    E Zayats

    how i can cancel my subscription? 

    I didn't want pay for this program again

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    Ken Lehrbaum

    Has my Pro subscription expired? I reinstalled Mailbird but my license # does not work

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