Use any app you can imagine in Mailbird with in-built Chrome application




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    Brian Chalmers

    Chrome App not loading.

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    Joel Richard

    Is there a way to update the chrome app to the latest version?  It cannot use add-ons.

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    Google gave me a security alert about my Mailbird login, showing that it's based off Chrome *19*. Is it really that old? Big security hole, please update!

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    Ben Woo

    Chrome App not working for me either


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    Jennifer Harris

    Chrome app not working. 

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    Shawn Bosworth

    We still need the Chrome update, certain addons will not function, which means they are not features any more.

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    Vanessa T (Vanessence)

    The Trello add-on says, "This version of Chrome is not supported. Please upgrade to a supported version." Is there some way to update the Chrome edition that Mailbird uses? Downloading Chrome through Mailbird only updates the stand-alone web browser, NOT Mailbird. Thank you for any help you can provide.

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