How to Add Sender Avatar in Mailbird

Hi guys,

On this article I will give you hints on how you can make your inbox list more organized and look better. If you see at the image below, you can see that some of my sender avatar does not have any picture and it only showed a silhouette of a person?


Well here's how you can change that. There are 2 ways to add a sender avatar.

1. You can go to your Mailbird contacts app, edit the contacts that you want to change, and add a picture. You can check more details on how to do it here


2. Of course if you do not want to change your sender avatar one by one, there's also a way to do that. Simply add your contacts from other account (currently we support gmail and outlook account) and the sender avatar will sync automatically. You can find out more about this in here


Once you have done this you will not see anymore silhouette in your inbox list and you can now recognize the email sender much faster. If you need any help with this feature, send an email to

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