Mailbird Business License

Hi guys, we recently release Mailbird Business License to the public. On this article we will talk about what is Mailbird Business and how you can buy them. Mailbird Business has two versions, Mailbird Business and Mailbird Business Essentials. Both the Business and Business Essentials product of Mailbird includes the following:

- Suitable for Commercial Use.
- Best in class Priority Support.
- Personal Account Manager.
- Volume licensing support.
- Site License.

So what's the difference between Business and Business Essential? Mailbird Business Essentials gives business owners the option to remove third party applications from Mailbird Business to limit possible distractions of their employees by third party applications.

Mailbird Business Essentials contain all G-Suite integrations so Google users will have a seamless integration experience. The integration are listed below: 

- Google Calendar
- Contacts
- Google Docs
- Google Keep
- Google Hangouts
- Attachments

 Here's how you can buy Mailbird Business and Mailbird Business Essential.

1. First of all, navigate to this location


2. Then choose Go Business as indicated by the picture at the bottom. Do note that there are volume pricing for Business, so you will get cheaper price point if you buy a lot of licenses at the same time.



3. This is the important part, look at the bottom of the page you will see a check box like the one that you can see in the picture below. Check this if you want to buy Mailbird Business Essential, keep it uncheck if you want to use Mailbird Business



4. Simply complete your order and we will send you instructions on how to activate your Mailbird via email.


And that's it, you can enjoy Mailbird Business. The biggest question now is, should I buy Mailbird Business or Mailbird Pro? The answer is simple, are you using Mailbird for personal use or for your business? If it's the later then you will need Mailbird Business. Mailbird Pro is intended for personal use, educational purpose, or for non profit organization.

BTW, if you want to change from Mailbird Business to Business Essential or vice versa please contact More questions regarding Mailbird Business and inquiry regarding special promotion can be emailed to or call sales at +1 (910) 477.8030.

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