Templates / Canned responses in Mailbird




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    Matthew Rowlands

    This is a must-have feature for a paid email client app. Please integrate into next update!

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    Robert Paul Academy Office of Admissions / Financial Aid

    This feature is essential for businesses, please add!

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    Tales Gonsalves

    This is necessary, add.

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    Valerie Laura Marshall

    This is the one advantage eM Client has over Mailbird - it allows for canned responses and templates.  Please add this feature to Mailbird - I am finding it much more user-friendly, generally speaking, than eM Client ...

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    Bud Manz

    Ditto to all especially @Valerie Laura Marshall's response.  I would also add that Mailbird is way more stable than eM... at least it was when I switched to Mailbird a few years ago.

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