Whatsapp addon is not working in Mailbird




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    Kemal Tiner

    Any ETA that you can share? This is one of the distinctive functionalities made me to use your product, please advise.

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    Cláudio Antônio da Silva

    Também tenho verificado todos os dias, pois uso no Mailbird a versão Business do WhatsApp, e ainda não está funcionando.

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    Pedro Albuquerque

    Guys, any updates on this issue?

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    Very curious.... with previous Mailbird version (2.5.x), Whatsapp was working without problems. Just I received a warning about a new update for Mailbird was available, I said "yes" and updated.... and Whatsapp extension stops working.

    So... it doesn't seem to be any change in Whatsapp code, but a change in Mailbird code, because I repeat: in previous version it was working, but in (last version), it works no more....

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    Ronny Czerkus

    Here also has stopped working since the update to version
    Waiting for the problem to be resolved.

    Aqui também parou de funcionar desde a atualização para a versão
    Aguardando a resolução do problema.

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    Yeo Jason

    Hi Mailbird Dev,

    Any idea when your dev team can get the whatapp to work in mailbird??

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    Ahmed Ateeq

    any news on this, its really annoying for me. when this be resolved? Also Slack says the app is out of date 


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    ¿8 days to solve this problem? I don't think you are working on it...

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    Michel Brand

    I'm checking every day whether it is resolved. any news?

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    Михаил Грибанов

    Жду с нетерпением, когда проблема будет решена

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    Come on you guys! 12 days and still waiting.

    Your patching strategy seems to be a million monkeys pounding away at a million keyboards and hoping for the best.....

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    Birgit Bosch

    No Whatsapp on Maibird for a week now. But suddenly after a power failure the settings are changed, all my folders are gone :-(. I became addicted to Mailbird with Whatsapp but now maybe swith to Outlook again.

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    Ilson Nedel

    Hi Mailbird.

    Any predictions to solve this problem?

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    fredy hobs

    Hola.. aun no pueden resolver el problema... con la version 2.6 y la 2.5.45 tampoco anda.

    ya van a pasar 15 dias y no hay solucion--- 

    realmente tanta demora, dan ganas de buscar otro software alternativo. Deje de usar outlook por mailbird porque la verdad me encanta! pero si no queda otra volvere


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    Alsi, ich habe noch Version und WhatsApp geht auch nicht ...

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    Christian Strøjer

    Yeah. Need it also. 

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