How to Install Mailbird

A step-by-step walk-through of how to install Mailbird on your Windows computer. Within 5 minutes, you’ll be saving time in your inbox via Mailbird.

1. Download the installer from our website.

2. After the download is finished, run the installer.

3. If it's asking for user permission, click yes to give the permission.

4. After the installation is finished, you can start Mailbird from the installer or from Start Menu. 


If you have any problem while installing Mailbird, please see this article.

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    after new windows installation need to install mailbird "fresh"
    - downloading is super slow
    - when it installs it can not find the program and done.
    - of course can not find the program, because there is no program.
    i need to install fresh and not update.

    massive time waster.

    either i solve it in 30 minutes more or away with mailbird!

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    agree with Stefan, not worth the time or trouble shove it.

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