Transitioning From Quick Reply to Normal Reply

While quick reply is a super time saving feature, sometimes you might want to open a full reply window to add a recipient, cc, bb or send with a different identity.

The good news is that it’s easy to do, and you won't have to start from scratch. You only need to click on the full reply icon at the top right of your quick reply box.



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    _How can I make Quick Reply the default reply option? _

    When I press "A" hotkey to reply to all on message, I always get the quick reply.

    I've not test yet, but I wonder if I start pressing "CTRL + R" on an email with multiple people, if it will "reply to all"....hmm....

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    Roderick Gadellaa Bsl

    Yes I need reply-to-all as default as well (or being able to customize the reply shortcuts..)

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    Reggie Burnett

    How can directly open the normal reply window without having to do a quick reply and then hit another button?   there should either be a button for it or a key modifier to open up a normal reply.

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    I use a lot adding BCC and CC in gmail (cntrl + shift B, cntrl + shift + C). this feature is important for me as I need to do it fast to process my email (I receive around 6K emails per month). 


    Is this going to be implemented to mailbird or should I go looking elsewhere as a fast response email client?

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