Transitioning From Quick Reply to Normal Reply




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    _How can I make Quick Reply the default reply option? _

    When I press "A" hotkey to reply to all on message, I always get the quick reply.

    I've not test yet, but I wonder if I start pressing "CTRL + R" on an email with multiple people, if it will "reply to all"....hmm....

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    Roderick Gadellaa Bsl

    Yes I need reply-to-all as default as well (or being able to customize the reply shortcuts..)

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    Reggie Burnett

    How can directly open the normal reply window without having to do a quick reply and then hit another button?   there should either be a button for it or a key modifier to open up a normal reply.

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    I use a lot adding BCC and CC in gmail (cntrl + shift B, cntrl + shift + C). this feature is important for me as I need to do it fast to process my email (I receive around 6K emails per month). 


    Is this going to be implemented to mailbird or should I go looking elsewhere as a fast response email client?

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