IMAP support in Mailbird

Mailbird supports all email providers that supports IMAP. Mailbird will try to detect the server settings automatically, from your email address, but if unable to, you will be required to input the server settings manually.


Most email providers will list their IMAP (incoming) and SMTP (outgoing) details, to use when connecting to their service from an email client, on their website. Alternatively, doing a quick Google search should provide you with the details required.

For example, let's say you have an account. What you would search for in Google would be ' IMAP settings' and ' SMTP settings' respectively.

Once you have found the correct settings, input them in the corresponding fields in Mailbird.

Note that the "connections" slider tells Mailbird the maximum number of IMAP connections to use simultaneously. Unless you're experiencing connection issues in Mailbird, leave this at the default.


Please not that the first time you start Mailbird there might be some speed issue, since Mailbird is still downloading all of your email. But once that is completed, Mailbird should be blazing fast.

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