Adding or removing contact's account

The first thing you will see when you open the Contact app is the picture below.


Here you can add or remove an account from your Contact app. So before we start, to find out more about what you are seeing please visit this link. Let's start adding a contact account in Mailbird. You want to add your contact's account so that changes made in Mailbird and in your email server will sync. This will also enable you to use the sender avatar that you have set in your email provider contacts app to be used in Mailbird.


1. Press the gearbox icon as indicated in the picture and click "Accounts"



2. The contact account setup window will open. This list will be populated with all the accounts that you have added in Mailbird.



3. To add a contact account, either click the check box next to the contact name or click the "Connect other account" button located at the bottom right. Please note that we only support contact from and Gmail right now.



4. Follow the onscreen instructions and your contacts from the account that you choose will be added and synced to Mailbird.


5. To delete a contact account simply uncheck the checkbox next to each account.



6. To reorder a contact account click and drag on the three horizontal bar icon on the far right of each account.



You can now add, remove and reorder your contact accounts. To get back to the Contact app introduction page, click here. If you are having any issue adding or removing a contact's account please email us at

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