Merging a contact

Besides linking a contact you can also merge a contact. Although they sound the same, merging and linking contacts are actually two completely different things. When you merge two or more accounts, the detail of this account will be combined into one. So instead of having two or more accounts, you will only have one account. Once you merge an account, it cannot be unmerged, so please be careful when you want to merge. Unlike linking, there's no indication whether an account has been merged by another account or not.

One thing that you need to know is that, when merging a contact from two different accounts you will also automatically link them. This is also true if you are merging contacts in an Outlook account. There are two ways you can merge a contact. First is to select more than one contact by holding CTRL and selecting any contacts you want to merge. After that simply right click on one of the selected contacts and choose merge contacts. The other one is by pressing the triangle button at the top right of the contacts detail and choose merge contact.


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