Linking a Contact

One of the advanced features of the new Contact app is linking two or more contacts into one. What does this do? By linking a contact you will be able to see the combined details of this contact under one unified view. Editing from this unified view will also edit all other instances of the contact that is linked. The image below will show you what a linked contact looks like.


Looking at the marked area, this indicates that this contact is linked with three other contacts. If you click on this contact you can select which contact details you wanted to see and whether you want to unlink any of them. You can see this in the picture below.


As mentioned in the beginning, if you make any changes while selecting the unified contact, the changes will affect all the contacts that is linked together. If you make any changes while viewing an individual contact, the other linked contacts will not be affected.

There are two ways you can link a contact. First is to select more than one contact by holding CTRL and selecting any contact you want to link. After that simply right click on one of the selected contacts and choose link contacts. The other one is by pressing the triangle button at the top right of the contacts detail and choose link contact.



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