Understanding the Groups and Accounts column

There are 3 main columns in your Contact app they are the Groups and Accounts, Contact List and Contact Details columns. In the picture below you can see how the Groups and Accounts column look.



The Groups and Accounts column is where you can find contacts from a specific account and groups that have been created for that account. Groups are useful if you often send emails to the same multiple email addresses. Here's a breakdown of what you can see in this column.



1. Number one is self-explanatory, this consists of all contacts from all accounts that you've added in Mailbird. All contacts that don't belong to any group will be visible here.

2. We call number two contacts account. When you add an account to the Contact app, that account name will be shown here. Contact's account consists of all the groups that you have created for this account. Each account will have at least one default group, depending on the settings of your email server. The default group cannot be edited or removed.

3. Below each of contact accounts, you can find number three, which is the group's list. On the left side of the contact's account is a small downward pointing arrow button that is used to collapse or expand the group list. Each group has a list of your contacts.


Now that you have familiarized yourself with the content in the Groups and Accounts column, here are some of the actions that you can take in it.

1. To add groups, hover to the right side of a contact's account and click the + button. You cannot create the same group name in the same account. You can do it if it's in another account.



2. When you right click on a group you will get this context menu below. Please note that rename and delete will only appear in a custom group that you've created. It will not appear in any default group that is created by Mailbird or in the account that you added.



That is all the info on the Groups and Account column. Next, I suggest to click here to learn about the Contact List column or you can click here to get back to the Contact app introduction page. If you have any further inquiries regarding this topic please email us at support@getmailbird.com


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