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    Kim Jones

    I do not have the server type box showing in my settings.  How do I get that to show?  My settings skips down to the server name, and I can't see where to change the server to POP3.  Please advise.

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    i also do not see the server type option....do i need to remove the account and re-add it in order for it to show?  I am trying to do this retroactively, as i want to see if it improves the speed at which i receive the content.  I get notified quickly, but it takes several seconds to 10+ seconds to load the content of the message.

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    Leonardo Santoso

    You can't change an account from IMAP to POP3 you need to remove it and add it again.

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    Lance Hewitt

    Where did the leave messages on the server options go?

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    Limbong Ordaling

    Hi Leo,..

    Saya baru menggunakan mailbird,.. 

    yg sya ingin tanyakan kitak kita setting pop3 dimanakah letak filenya ?

    apakah extensi dr outlook bisa di attach ke mailbird  ?

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