POP3 settings

Mailbird POP3 support is now available! Want to know how to set that up? Here's how to do it,

1. Go to settings


2.Select account tab



3. Add  account



4. Insert your account credentials

5. If settings found, choose edit server settings, if not skip this step



6. Change the server type from IMAP to POP3



7. Type your pop3 server settings and press continue to finish.

    You can find your settings by going to your ISP website or simply google for “POP3 settings for <<your emailprovider i.e. Outlook.com>>



 That's it! You have successfully setup your POP3 settings. Easy right? :)

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    Kim Jones

    I do not have the server type box showing in my settings.  How do I get that to show?  My settings skips down to the server name, and I can't see where to change the server to POP3.  Please advise.

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    i also do not see the server type option....do i need to remove the account and re-add it in order for it to show?  I am trying to do this retroactively, as i want to see if it improves the speed at which i receive the content.  I get notified quickly, but it takes several seconds to 10+ seconds to load the content of the message.

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    Leonardo Santoso

    You can't change an account from IMAP to POP3 you need to remove it and add it again.

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    Lance Hewitt

    Where did the leave messages on the server options go?

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    Limbong Ordaling

    Hi Leo,..

    Saya baru menggunakan mailbird,.. 

    yg sya ingin tanyakan kitak kita setting pop3 dimanakah letak filenya ?

    apakah extensi dr outlook bisa di attach ke mailbird  ?

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