Adding Exchange Account in Mailbird

Hi guys, here's how you can add your exchange account in Mailbird. First of all, click the Mailbird menu located at the top left of the Mailbird window. After that please follow the instructions below


1. Navigate to the accounts tab and click the Add button



2. Add your name and password and click continue



3. Click Edit Server Settings



4. Change the server type from IMAP to Exchange



5. Now this is the important part, for the server URL leave it blank if you setup your exchange server to auto discover the URL. If you are not sure, leave it blank too. If you disable auto discover and know your server URL, enter it here. Enter your password, press continue and you are all set to go.



6. If you have any issue with adding your exchange account please send email to


I hope this help, thank you for using Mailbird

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    I'm following these steps, and since I know the SERVER URL, I'm putting it manually because the email client can't autodiscover the link.

    However, I'm getting the following error:

    - Authentication failed. An element node 'soap:Envelope' of the type Element was expected, but node 'Autodiscover' of type Element was found.

    Any help is appreciated. 

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    I actually figured this out. 

    Original Autodiscover URL:


    Change to:


    That's it. 

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