Setting Up Multiple Accounts

Here's how you can set up multiple email accounts in Mailbird. Please remember that Lite user can only have a maximum of 1 account.

1. Go to options

2. Switch to Accounts tab

3. Click add account button

4. Input your login details

5. If Mailbird knows the IMAP or POP3 settings for your email account, then Mailbird will display this window. You need to enter your password first before you can continue. However you are still able to edit your settings by clicking edit. If Mailbird can’t find your settings or if you choose to edit the settings, continue to step 6 otherwise continue to step 7.

6. You can edit your IMAP or POP3 settings here, you can also choose an icon for each account. Choose an icon that best represents each account the most.

7. Your account has been added successfully!


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    Victor Barrantes

    Nice whan you have to add one account, but when you have to add a dozen, starts to turn no funny, why not a "Clone" feature?

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    Dirk Tuizenga

    Hi there. I've added extra accounts. Those are aliases for my other account but offcourse they have their own email addres. Still when want to view only the mail directed to the alias I see the mails to all other mails of that head account as well. It's hosted by google mail. Do you think this is a problem of google mail or a problem of mailbird? Or am I doing something wrong? Any ideas?

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    Zachary Korotko

    I've been using Mailbird for about 2 years and was really starting to love it. I had some computer issues that required me to do a clean install of Windoews. Of course right away I reinstalled Mailbird as well and was devastated to find out that I could no longer use more than one account with the free version. 

    My old install was updated fully and had no issues with this. Were older installs "grandfathered in" to multiple account support?

    I suppose you aren't interested in complaints from users of the free version but I'm sending this anyway. I'm going to have to go back to Windows 10 mail and it's lack of support for formatted signatures.



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