Organize Folders From Within Mailbird

Using Mailbird's folder feature is awesome for organizing your inbox or multiple inboxes - depending on how many email accounts you've added to Mailbird.

They basically allow you to archive and easily find emails, so you are much more efficient when handling emails while also getting better at clearing out all emails in your inbox.


Here's how to set up and use folders in Mailbird:

1) In the main Mailbird window, click on the Mailbird menu in the top left corner.

2) Select "Settings"

3) Select "Folders"


4) Here you can Add/Edit/Remove folders from any selected email account you've added to Mailbird.

5) You can even create sub folders inside one  parent folder, these are called Nested Folders.


6) Change the color of the folders by clicking on the box next to the Folder names you've created to make them easily identifiable.


7) If folders is not supported in any email account you've added to Mailbird, you can always create them directly on the web (also called the email server). Just click the Add/Remove folders online.


8) Once you are all done, hit the "Sync with server" button and you are all set.


Now you can use the "L" keyboard shortcut or the + sign at the top right corner of any email message, to assign it to any folder you've created. You are on your way to being a total badass with keeping your inbox clean and organized. 


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    I think this is not really useful - the result shoul be that email is moved into selected folder not copied. How can I get to Inbox zero? There is option on the left side to move email, but on the right side would be more convenient

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    Leonardo Santoso

    Hi Mike, you can actually move or copy email to your label/folder, just right click on the email and both option should be available, you can also use the shortcut "v" to do this

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    Duncan Beniston

    It sounds like getting an email from the Inbox into a folder is a multi-click event. Do you have a simple drag and drop option like Outlook? I am amble to very efficiently organize emails at the office by storing in one folder for each client or project. This is the functionality I would want to find in Mailbird - click and hold down, drag and drop - fast, simple, effective. Labels are not helpful. Does Mailbird have a real option to drag out of the Inbox into a folder - I think this is what "mike" was looking for as well.

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    This is lacking a lot as a finalised feature. It's actually hard work and effort to use labels. We have thousands parent > sub >sub sub levels.

    • There is no search filter to quickly move / copy to labels so you have to manually navigate all the way through each time.
    • There is no drag and drop to the labels in extended menu view.
    • You cannot manage labels from the options menu as it prints a great big list in alphabetical order not even structured like the levels they are.

    It shouldn't be effort to manage this but it is. I think Mailbird are only testing their app with a few hundred emails and a handful of labels. Try using this software seriously and it's useless.

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