Organize Folders From Within Mailbird




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    I think this is not really useful - the result shoul be that email is moved into selected folder not copied. How can I get to Inbox zero? There is option on the left side to move email, but on the right side would be more convenient

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    Leonardo Santoso

    Hi Mike, you can actually move or copy email to your label/folder, just right click on the email and both option should be available, you can also use the shortcut "v" to do this

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    Duncan Beniston

    It sounds like getting an email from the Inbox into a folder is a multi-click event. Do you have a simple drag and drop option like Outlook? I am amble to very efficiently organize emails at the office by storing in one folder for each client or project. This is the functionality I would want to find in Mailbird - click and hold down, drag and drop - fast, simple, effective. Labels are not helpful. Does Mailbird have a real option to drag out of the Inbox into a folder - I think this is what "mike" was looking for as well.

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    This is lacking a lot as a finalised feature. It's actually hard work and effort to use labels. We have thousands parent > sub >sub sub levels.

    • There is no search filter to quickly move / copy to labels so you have to manually navigate all the way through each time.
    • There is no drag and drop to the labels in extended menu view.
    • You cannot manage labels from the options menu as it prints a great big list in alphabetical order not even structured like the levels they are.

    It shouldn't be effort to manage this but it is. I think Mailbird are only testing their app with a few hundred emails and a handful of labels. Try using this software seriously and it's useless.

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