Moving Emails To Folders




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    Scott Alcaide

    Alas, this doesn't work when you have Search Results displayed. I would like to select all the emails from SENDER and move them to a different folder. I can copy them, but not move them. This is for a corporate/enterprise gmail account

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    Eckhard Hoelzemann

    I agree with Scott, the feature to "Move to" after a "Search" is a basic feature of any  email program not to mention a "Pro" version.  

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    Catherine Kniess

    It appears that emails cannot be moved between accounts, or am I missing something?

    I'm able to do this easily in Apple Mail, and I've been trying to find a mail program for my Windows computer with the same features.  Thunderbird allows moving emails between accounts but I'm unhappy with the clunky search features.

    Mailbird shows search results nicely, but if I'm unable to move emails between my accounts it's a non-starter.

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