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    Is it possible to let Mailbird minimize to taskbar on exit? Because I always forget to click minimize instead of exit, and I'd like it to stay "open" in taskbar to show unread messages count. 

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    Leonardo Santoso

    Hi Tommy, I'm afraid that is not possible right now, but you can submit a formal request for it in here



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    Good morning. I've this option set, but still I don't see any unread count in the Mailbird icon in the taskbar, while it appears in the system tray. I'm on Windows 10 Pro.

    Thank you for the attenction

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    Dean Lupari

    On high def displays, like MS Surface (2736 x 1824 resolution), the taskbar icon's  badge/unread mail counter is VERY TINY, practically unreadable.  Are developers aware of this issue?  Is there a fix for this?

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    Dasha Zolotko

    Hi Dean, yes our developers are aware of it and working to improve hi-res displays view.

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    Dean Lupari

    Hello, has their been a update on this?  This issue is very annoying.

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    Александр Котвицкий


    I have unread email in other folder (not Inbox), but don't see any uread count neither in taskbar not in system tray :-(

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    Ivan Briginas

    Hi mates!

    I've bought the app and found out that the unread mail notification doesn't consider 'nested folders' like the author of the previous message said. This functionality is really important when there is lots of nested folders... 

    Could you share your thoughts of your intention related to this functionality?

    btw, the app is wonderful. The only thing missing is the described feature above

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    Mailbird Support

    Hi Ivan and Александр :)

    Right now the unread notifications are always meant to work with the inbox. I understand the need to see any unread emails especially if you have filters set up so that emails skip the inbox and go into designated folders or nested folders.

    So I feel you! I know this might be annoying, and we could investigate this further...only we need to stick to our current roadmap as we are working towards building the product for the world, and need to focus on the highest priorities with highest demand and our resource availability as well. 

    I'd like to revisit this with our team as we plan our 2019 quarterly milestones. 

    In the meantime, since the Unread email counter works only with the Inbox, may I recommend that if you set up filters that have your incoming emails "skip the inbox" to have them still assigned to the folder/nested folder you like (it automatically labels it to the folder you want) but it remains in the inbox until you've read it or handled it.

    We have a lot of different use cases with how people across the globe currently manage email - so we promise to do our best and prioritize as best as we can. Thanks so much for understanding! I know you were likely hoping for an answer like "Sure we can do that today!" and it's done, but based on my explanation above, right now it is not going to be possible.

    I hope you are able to continue using Mailbird based on my suggestion above - or could be interesting to try a new email management method without notifications.

    For example, I only "skip the inbox" and auto archive emails into designated folders/nested folders for ones that I know I don't need to review or reply to or take action with. Everything else comes through my inbox that I would need to handle. Alternately if you like to keep that setup, I would schedule and designate a time to check specific folders that require your action each day. I actually turn off all notifications for my email, as I don't like being distracted while I'm working ;) Then I schedule and set time aside to bulk my email management and actions.

    Again, I understand where you are coming from! Knowing that we have a lot of different user scenarios in how they manage email, I hope you understand and continue to stick with us through this process Ivan and Александр! Much appreciated :) Thanks so much again for choosing Mailbird.


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    I receive phantom notifications. The sound rings, but there is no email. The repeated notifications without any new email are annoying.

    Also, I move an email in Mailbird from the inbox to a folder, but the email disappears from the folder and reappears  in the inbox as unread, although I have already read it. It seems that Mailbird has sync issues. This doesn't happen with my other email clients that I have installed on other devices. I observed this in a GMail account. When I move emails between folders on my phone (different client), Maibird will detect the proper location after the move, but not when I move emails within Mailbird. 

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    Bryan Autullo

    Can you add a button that allows you to view JUST the Unread emails...like in Outlook?  I hate having to scroll down the list forever to find one I missed or planned to read later.  This should be an easy add for the next release.  Please...we need it!!!

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    Jacques Clément

    Hi - Any progress on the tiny # of emails badge? This is trully annoying :/

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