Managing your inbox with Snooze

One of the new Pro feature in Mailbird 2.0 is Snooze. With this feature you can organize your inbox more effectively, reach inbox zero easily and of course increase your productivity. The idea behind snooze is simple, which is prioritization.

Snooze your emails to:
1. Webinar reminder, remind you of your best friends birthday, or to call your mom - for those people who prefer snooze over ca lendar reminder

2. To make sure you are focusing on getting that one task done - all emails related to that task will be handled right away, all other emails can be snoozed to come back and being taken care of when you are dealing with the task they relate to

3. Follow up with a person - you sent out an email and want to make sure you wont forget to followup with the person - snooze the email to come back when you want to follow up 

4. Accounting - similar to Michaels approach but rather a specific example - freelancers have to send out a lot of bills, snooze can hello to stay on top of whether they are being paid or not

5. Train your brain - my friend and I are studying Bahasa Indonesia - we sent each other lists of vocabularies - once done snooze the email to repeat those vocabularies in like a week time -> you can do that with other things too, that you would like your brain to remember and to repeat:)

There are 3 easy way you can snooze a message in Mailbird.


First is by right clicking on an email and choose Snooze


Second is by using the action bar


And third is by using the shortcut Z.

To set the Snooze time for later today, tomorrow, next week, etc you need to go to options>snooze. All snoozed message will be stored in the snoozed folder, until it's time to move them back to the Inbox. Snoozed message will always appear at the top of your inbox until you read it and move to another folder/account. You'll know if there's a snoozed message in your inbox or not by the yellow dot on the message list.


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    Robert Colin

    The new snooze feature is a very useful tool and an excellent time saver. 

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    Is it compatible with Google's Inbox snooze feature?

    If not, is it possible to add it? Maybe only some configuration is necessary to get it workng?



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    @Piotr has an excellent idea! Also Inbox (ans Chrome I suppose) has this feature now where you can save a webpage note, link and a title maybe a thumbail, aah wait they call it cards.... material design of sorts. That be great too, but I suppose it'll work if you guys ever integrate the snooze from Inbox!

    I vote yes!

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    Keith Aiken

    I'm debating on going Pro.  As a student, there's not really any clear reason to go Pro as the perks aren't things I'd use... except maybe Snooze.

    However, what I'm trying to find out is if whether or not snoozing an email will work across my laptop and PC that both use Mailbird for the same accounts.  As in, will snoozing an email on my laptop later remind me when I'm on my PC?

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    "Snoozed message will always appear at the top of your inbox until you read it and move to another folder/account."  but now that I am done with the snoozong, how do I get this month old email to go back to it's proper chronological place in my in-box?

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    Tom Yang

    Will snoozed emails be synced? Let's say if I snooze a email later today on my office PC, will it appear when I'm home PC?

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    Jakob Hviid

    I have the same question as Piotr. Is this the same snooze function inbox uses?

    I have tried several apps and they all end up creating their own folder for this function. I and up being afraid stuff doesnt actually end up in my inbox again at said time if i don't use that exact app for that week.

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