Importing and Exporting a contact group and individual contact

Since we only support sync for Outlook and Gmail right now, we also have an import feature for users that has their contacts stored in another email provider. To import your contacts simply click the gear box icon located on the contact list column and choose import contact from vcard (see image below). Imported contacts will always be added as a group in your Mailbird contacts account


Besides importing, you can also export contacts from the Contact app. You can export a whole group or you can export an individual contact. To export a whole group, select the group that you want to export then select the triangle button located at the contact list column. After that simply hover to the selected group options and choose export to vcard. Please see the image below if you are having a hard time finding the export feature.


To export an individual account simply select the account you want to export, click the triangle button located at the top right of the account detail column and choose export to vcard (see image below)


That's all there is to know about Importing or Exporting contacts in Mailbird, you can click here to get back to the Contact app introduction page. If you have any further inquiries regarding this topic please send us an email to

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