How to Send Log Data to Us

Here is a brief explanation of how to find the Mailbird log file to send to our team here, which will greatly help us identify issues and quickly fix any problems you experience.

If Mailbird can start

In Mailbird, hold down CTRL and SHIFT while clicking on the Mailbird menu. This will enable a hidden item called 'Open Data Directory'. Click it, and Windows Explorer will pop up and open a folder. In this folder is a file called 'Log.log'. This is the Mailbird log file.



If Mailbird cannot start


  1. Open Windows Explorer. 
  2. Locate the following folder: 'C:\Users\(UserName)\AppData\Local\Mailbird\'. Replace (UserName) with your Windows user's name - e.g. John Doe. 
  3. Now copy and email the file 'Log.log'.


Some of the directories mentioned above might be hidden by default. In the "folder options" of Windows Explorer is a setting to show hidden folders - this needs to be enabled.

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