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    Muhammad Wasif Naeem

    Helpful! :-)

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    Nick Ajang

    How can  I get to the main menu? How can  i reset the default settings for the text, margins .. and email format? is there a help or a how  or video?

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    Francisca Aguirre

    Hello, How to insert picture from my PC in my signature?  Thanks!

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    Niels Rijneveld

    Updated to 2.0.10, but I can't find the Wisestamp app in the list of all apps? Where is it?

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    Mailbird Support

    Hi Niels, sorry but we needed to remove the Wisestamp App for the latest version. We've updated the article to point different alternatives to upload an image.

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    Lance Lane

    So, when will the Wisestamp App be ready?

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    Kim Macleod

    Please can you add select a picture from PC.  This is really annoying otherwise!  thanks

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    PhiƖiþp Ʀɛichɱutħ

    Is there a way to add a signure only to *new* messages, so that there is no signature added when I reply?

    Otherwise you get these long chains of messages that consist only of people's corporate signatures.

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    Christopher Nelson

    There needs to be a way to have multiple signatures.  I use a full block for some emails and a partial block for others.

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    everett aske

    When creating a signature, there is no way to adjust the paragraph spacing.  The default spacing is to large (1.5 lines?).  This one small issue is preventing me from migrating my work email to mailbird from Outlook.  

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    Б. Батзориг

    There is only one signature to create. is it possible to create two signature on one email address? such as by english and my own language 

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    Is it possible to remove the three line feeds that get added to the top of the signature?

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    Zoltán Kemenes

    Hello! I would really appreciate to have the option of allocating 2 signatures for the same email account. I am using one signature for domestic and an another one for international communication. This can easily be done in Thunderbird (which is free), so I don't understand why we cannot have multiple indentities linked to a same email in a paid solution. Hope to receive this development soon from Mailbird.   

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    Robert Silver

    need the ability to have multiple signatures for each email account.  There must be a way to do this????

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    Dasha Zolotko

    Hey Robert!
    I am sorry, but at this moment this feature is not available. Please submit us a feature request at


    This allows us to prioritize the features that are requested most. And start working on it sooner!

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    Ba Knoxville

    Dear All

    I am very happy so far with Mailbird. A question about signatures: If I create an email using "Compose", my signature is included in the message. If however I use "reply all" from an email I received, my signature does not appear to be included in my new message. Am I missing something here? How can I get my signature to be included when using "reply" or "reply all"?

    Also, totally in agreement with Robert Silver's suggestion above: it would be quite important to have a signature for  each email.

    Thank you and keep up the good work.


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    Dasha Zolotko

    Hello J!

    thank you for your message. Can you please submit us a support request at We'll figure out what is wrong :)

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