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    Thomas Bowman Jr

    Why would you want to archive?  What do you mean by archiving? What are the benefits of archiving?

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    Hildeberto Lopes Filho

    Hello, is it possible to archive emails by time to local folder?

    Here at work my mail box has a limited space and I want backup old emails.



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    Richard and Lorna Robbins

    Any response to the 2 above posts re archiving? I'm interested to know more - especially archiving to a local folder.

    Disappointed there's no information here about it  

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    Müzekker Vatan

    I need this also :(

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    Carmen Garcia Aragon

    mr tooooo

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    Bagik Setiawan

    Hi all, I'm afraid archiving to the local folder not yet available in Mailbird. What you can do right now only saving the email to a .eml format. This is done by selecting the message in Mailbird and open the additional options by clicking on the small downward pointing triangle in the message's header on the right.

    Then click on 'Message source'. Now save this as a file somewhere on your computer.

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    jorge soares

    Yes... It's easy to save the source as file.eml

    But when we save, it's the thought of being able to use it one day.
    How do I open this EML in Mailbird?

    I can open with Outlook, or with basic Mail from Windows 10.

    But not with Mailbird.

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    David Goliath Media Publishing

    hello support

    how can i undo AN archived email?



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    jorge soares

    Hi !

    It depends on your mailbox and email client.
    With Gmail, archived emails are all in "ALL MAIL". You can create a label (i.e) IMPORTANT, and drag this mail to there.
    When giving the order to Archive, Gmail does nothing more than eliminate all Labels, while still maintaining the mail.
    If you have Outlook, or eMClient, even if working with Gmail (eg), you can have the mails saved in local folders (on your pc, but showing them in the email client ), saving the mailbox space, and also drag them to a Label , to Inbox or to Trash.

    If you don´t want to drag, right click in email, and move it to another place. You really do not move, you simply assign a different label to that email.

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