Searching within an email

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To make it easier for you to find text within an email you can now use CTRL + F to search for text. We wanted to make Mailbird more intuitive for Windows user that's why we decided to introduce this shortcut. This is what you will see when you pree CTRL + F while selecting an email




The marked box is the search box. You can press enter to cycle to all found text.

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    Thomas Triple

    "Find in message" does not seem to work at all.

    Also, there isn't even an case-sensitivity option.


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    I want to know how to search


    in FOLDERS for "subject", "recipient", "text in message", "attachment".... 


    without this the "Global account"-inbox  is just a big box of something... 

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    Robert Clofine

    This is buggy. For starters, it seems as if you have to press the enter key rather than the lookup arrows in the search dialog. Second, I have to open the email and do a search (it finds the search terms but does not highlight). If I then close the email and re-open, when it reopens it will highlight the search terms.

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