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    Kazsmere Mandro


    How can I help in the translation in (Europe) Hungarian?

    I really like the Mailbird software.

    Thank you for your reply!

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    Mailbird Support

    Hey Kazsmere Mandro,

    Thanks for your comment and your awesome offer to support us translate Mailbird into your beautiful language too.

    Please send a brief email to Christin ( She is responsible for our Mailbird translations and will happily add you to our team of Hungarian translators.

    Have a great day and we are looking forward to hearing from you.

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    I have only one choice (on a fresh installed Mailbird) in the Language-field: English.

    How do I get more languages?





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    Radosław Brzeski

    I too. Where is my Polish language. After update last version Mailbird I have only one choice: English 

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    Bagik Setiawan

    Hey @Jo & @Radoslaw,

    Could you please send an email to We will help you fixed that issue. :)

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    I had to re-start Mailbird and got more Languages.

    It seems that when you install Mailbird and start it immediately from the installation routine, it only knows English

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    Ramoff Fromit

    Hello, I've chosen the language in Spanish but it is still in English. I've restarted the application. Thanks and regards.

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    Denny MyungHo Kim

    I have a problem to compose mail with Korean language.

    When I write mail some input box pop up as attachment image.

    Very Very uncompatible situation.

    Plz, support Korean or make up this problem.



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