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    This feature doesn't work anymore on my computer.

    I'm not sure if it's a recent update or whatever else, but now after deleting or archiving a conversation, the focus jumps to the first conversation in the list.

    This is a major inconvenience and defies the purpose of having the app installed, at least for  me. I use to like it because it allowed me to go through my messages quickly and efficiently.

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    Justin S Leary

    They broke this feature with the latest version. It worked then it got broken again. Apparently they are aware of the bug they reintroduced.

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    Leonardo Santoso

    Hi Guys


    A fix for this issue is already released on the latest version. This is also a first time bug, not an issue that is reintroduced.

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    Justin S Leary

    That's great news Leonardo! And please accept my apologies - it was a new issue, not a reintroduced one. Cheers.


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