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    Richard Jenkins

    You were right, I was wrong, I appeared to me that the menu was salient to the messages themselves rather than the inbox but if I was right, 

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    Najib Dajani

    I looks like I will have to abandon Mailbird for the same reason that I have abandoned many other apps: fonts are impossibly small on screen. I can zoom an email message contents with Ctrl-+ and I can set zoom levels for messages and apps from Settings. However, the message list is too small to read and I see no way to change the font size for it. This is real shame as Mailbird looks like the perfect app to handle a Gmail account.

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    Barbara Cannegieter

    I agree Najib.

    I like Mailbird a lot but the fonts are to small and light for me. The message lists and my folder lists are just too small for me to read. Bummer, really!

    Let me know if you find anythign more suitable

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    Khalid Mirza

    Agree with Najib and Barbara, message list is too small. Mailbird needs to do something about it, otherwise this app won't work for me.

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    Wayne Aprato

    I've purchased Mailbird and it's doubt about it. However I'd like to say that the font scaling feature is a poor replacement for being able to adjust font size....especially in the mail list where the font size is ridiculously small.

    If the scaling feature is used, the fonts get bigger but they also lose resolution and any scaling percentage other than 100% results in a much less clear and readable font.

    Added to that, the font colour in the mail list could be darker to provide more contrast, which would make it more legible at the small default font size. Not all users are young with 20 20 vision. I have to wonder if app developers will ever wake up to that fact. Cheers.

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