Unified Inbox Plus

Starting today, we've added a long requested feature that will help immensely with managing multiple accounts. We call it 'Unified Inbox Plus'. You can find Unified Inbox Plus at the top left of your Mailbird window. Please note that this Unified Inbox Plus will only appear if you add more then one account in Mailbird.


Not only is it a unified inbox as you may know it from other email clients, where all your inbox messages from all your accounts are visible in the same folder; Instead it's a completely unified account, which contains all messages from all system folders from all accounts.

This means that instead of switching back and forth between accounts, to view your inbox messages, drafts, sent messages, archived messages etc, you can do it all from the unified account. And as before, it'll automatically keep track of which account the message was sent to, so you can reply from the right account. You can even search for messages among all of your accounts at the same time!

Of course, if you find you prefer to switch between accounts, you can disable this unified account from settings>accounts. Or if you prefer to choose your Unified Account instead of your default account when you start Mailbird, you also do that from the options.


You can also edit each of your accounts to decide which should be included in it.


Read our blog on this awesome new Mailbird upgrade with Unified Inbox Plus here.

We hope you guys found this new feature useful, if you have any suggestions or encounter any bug with this new feature, please contact us at support@getmailbird.com

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